Project Nile (EMC ECS) – A complete hyper-scale storage..!


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The Project Nile was announced in the mid of 2013 to provide the IT service providers with easily consumable and massively scalable storage platform. Now the Project is going to be GA soon, a great news for the IT industry.

The first and the best thing here is, Project Nile is massively scalable and suits to any data center. With its multi-protocol support, it serves almost all types of customer’s needs. This makes it a complete storage platform . Project Nile supports for the below five categories of data types. Currently the Project Nile will be GA with Object, Block and HDFS capabilities. Researches are goin on, on the Key Value part.

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For unstructured data like HDFS and object based data, the small configuration available is with 360 TB and the maximum can be 2.9 PB. Block configuration can have a minimum configuration with 120 TB (12K IOPS) and have configurations with 240 TB (24K IOPS) etc also. For mixed environments, the lowest model can be with 120TB for block and 360 TB for object and HDFS. Medium configuration can have 1.4 PB for unstructured data and 240 TB for block.

Use of commodity hardware is a very big advantage for Project Nile. It can make use of x86 hardware with SAS and ethernet connectivity. With these configuration, racks can be clustered to scale in 100’s of PBs. Alongwith the commodity hardware, it makes use of ViPR 2.0 software and ScaleIO.

Cloud users and providers will be happy with this project, as this brings a lot for the cloud. For public cloud implementation, Project Nile provides hyper-scalability and lower $/GB. And it is very easy to use also. For private cloud, Project Nile provides enhanced reliability and security. Also it is easy to use, and more flexible. With all these advaced features Project Nile is a very big hope for the future, the future of cloud..!

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