VNXe3200 – a new member in VNX/VNXe family


Yes, let’s welcome the new member in the VNX/VNXe family – VNXe3200 . Even-though it is a VNXe, it is having almost all important features of the VNX-2 series, a true Unified system.


As said in the release, it is truly  “Enterprise features at entry-level prices“..!  VNXe3200 can have up to 200 TB raw capacity, with support to features including FAST Cache, FAST VP etc… Added MCx Multicore optimization and advanced snapshots also are some of the feature enhancements with VNXe3200.  Here you can find the specifications at a glance and price and more.


Unlike the previous VNXe models, VNXe3200 is a unified model with support to multiple protocols. It supports CIFS, SMB3, NFS, iSCSI and FC, i.e, having the capabilities of both SAN and NAS. In VNX models, we have two controller types (SP and DM) for serving the SAN and NAS functionalities. Here with new VNXe3200, we can have both of these functionalities via a single type of controller. More from the hardware point, VNXe3200 have FC Connectivity..!!

From the software point of view, much like VNX-2, VNXe3200 supports FAST suite. But the pool configuration here is bit different. In VNX, NAS and SAN have different controllers and pools for them are also at different levels. Here in the new model, both are controlled by a single controller (common Storage Processors) and so the pools for the both (SAN and NAS) are the same..! Similarly, the snapshots (for SAN and NAS) are also of the same kind.


Along with the support to VAAI and VASA, VNXe3200 came with a new feature ‘ VMware ESX Auto-discovery ‘. It allows the ESX machines and even the VMs to get  auto-discovered. VNXe3200 also have ESA – EMC Storage Analytics – support for VMware. On the Microsoft side, the new VNXe supports SMB3, ODX (similar to VAAI with offloading capabilities), SMI-S , ESI (EMC Storage Integrator – enables easier and faster provisioning for Exchange, SharePonit etc…) etc..


As in the above screenshot, the support page in Unisphere links us to the Online trainings, ECN, and more. Support page also helps us to have a live chat with the EMC support representative  from the box. This ‘ improved support ‘  makes it even more easy to work with the product.

Wanna try ? here is the link for free simulator…!!

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