VMAX 3 – The all-new Enterprise Data Service Platform..! Part-II

We have discussed about the all-new Enterprise Data Service Platform and some comparisons with the existing VMAX systems in the previous post . Here we will look more in to the hardware enhancements and EMC ProtectPoint.


The figure above shows the hardware capabilities of VMAX 100K, 200K and 400K at a glance. It have improved a lot from both capacity and performance perspectives. Upto 3x IOPS and Bandwidth, 2x logical devices and more FE IO ports. By its dimension, it can support 6x IOPS and 2x TB per a single floor tile.

VMAX3  also have a 100% SSD array which can support upto 4PB. It can provide 1M IOPS and more than 600TB in single floor tile. Along with enterprise availability, this system can have a very small response time (< milli seconds).

Availability and data protection

The new generation systems can give 6×9’s of availability and when integrated with VPLEX it is 7×9’s. Also these systems offers SNAPVX  which offers upto 1024 copies of the source volume without any impact to the IO.

EMC ProtectPoint

With the newly introduced EMC ProtectPoint the new arrays support data backup directly from primary storage, i.e, VMAX3. It uses EMC Data Domain for data backup and as in figure below, it does not use any backup servers. It avoids the extra human effort in backup and eliminates the requirement of additional backup servers. It does not effect the application or application IO and enables faster backup and instant access.


It also enables reduced RTO and RPO and provides reliable recovery.

Another important feature with the new systems is SLO-Based management. We will have in a single system, applications which requires to be maintained at different Service Level Objectives (transaction processing, Email etc…). These may require to be maintained at different data tiers and hence manual management is always very difficult.

With the new policy based automation, we can have these different applications based on their SLO. We can have different policies like Diamond (fastest), Gold(faster), and Silver etc.. We can define the applications to use these policies as per our requirement. And we can modify the policies dynamically too..

Thus VMAXbrings improved performance, added features, easier management, better data recovery and disaster management and altogether an Enterprise Data Service Platform..!

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