Hurry..!! 50% on all VMware exams for APAC users.

VMware certification at a discounted rate..? Yes, VMware is offering a 50% off on all their certification exams. But this offer is only available for the Asia-Pacific users, not a global promo code. Here are more in detail..


All you have to do is to select the certification exam you want to attend and start the registration process at . All the certification exams requires authorization from VMware prior registration.

Once you have your authorization, you can schedule the exam anytime between Oct 27, 2014 and 19 Dec, 2014. To avail the 50% discount use the below promo codes.

VCP Exams: VFVCP1450
Advanced (VCAP) Exams: VFADV1450

You can schedule multiple certifications with this code as this is not a one-time-use promo.

You can read more about this promo here. Watchout this area for more news on VMware certification promotions.

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