Storage Field Day 9 – presenting companies

During this time next week, there will be some serious discussions on Flash, Hyper-Convergence, Primary/Secondary Storage and more at Storage Field Day 9. Storage Field Day always have awesome (may not be huge always) vendors from industry to present their solutions. This time we have 6 vendors who have proven solutions in Flash, Software-Defined-Storage, Secondary storage etc…


Let’s see the presenters list. I know you don’t need an introduction to these market leaders and great startups.


Cohesity have a lot new to discuss from what they discussed at SFD8. With Cohesity Data Platform 2.0, they have added few wonderful features to their secondary storage consolidation. Also they will be discussing on their joint venture with Pure Storage for the primary and secondary storage integration.

Cohesity will present during the post lunch session on Thursday, 17-March.


We were really impressed by the discussion on the latest in technology including NVMe, 3D XPOINT from Intel during their SFD8 presentation. Really excited to hear about these technologies and other innovations from the chip manufacturer this time again.

We will have the Intel presentation on Thursday (17-March)


One of the main attractions of SFD9 will be the presentation from NetApp. We hope to have a wonderful presentation from them regarding the developments in AFA product series after the SolidFire acquisition, about their industry-leading Hybrid Storages etc…

NetApp will be the first to present at SFD9 (Wednesday, 16-March).


Plexistor is having their Tech Field Day debut at SFD9. It will be great to learn about the Plexistor software and their Software Defined Memory (SDM).

Plexistor will be presenting at the post-lunch session on 16-March (Wednesday).

Violin Memory

Violin is another vendor who presented at SFD8. The AFA’s and the Concerto OS were appreciated by all and they delivered a very good presentation. It will be good to meet the guys at Violin and hear about hardware/software enhancements or new feature/product announcements etc.. if there are any.

Violin will have their presentation on Thursday (17-March).


One of the most discussed topics in recent days in the storage/virtualization world is VSAN 6.2. I expect the enhancements in new VSAN release including improved data reduction, RAID 5/6 (Erasure Coding) etc… to be discussed during the presentation.

VMware have their presentation scheduled for Friday, 18-March.

That’s really a lot of great stuff you don’t want to miss. Right ? You don’t have to worry. Tech Field Day team will have all the presentations available live on their website here. I would recommend not to miss any of the presentations. But if you are busy at work, have everything scheduled in advance so that you will not be missing your favorite sessions from SFD9.

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Disclaimer: My travel and accommodation expenses for the SFD9 (Storage Field Day 9) event were paid by the Tech Field Day team. I am not requested to post about event content and I am not getting paid for any posts or for the time I spend during the event.

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