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NFS Migration (Celerra/VNX to ISILON) – the troubleshooting part

Recently I had a post on the NFS migrations from Celerra/VNX systems to Isilon array. This post is an extension to that, describing how to tackle the common errors/issues during the migration activities. I had to try different things in … Continue reading

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NFS migration from Celerra/VNX to ISILON

I was working on a few NFS migrations from our Celerra/VNX systems to the ISILON systems. I thought of putting a post with the steps and gotchas in a Celerra-ISILON migration. It took so long, and now it is the … Continue reading

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VNX-VSS100 – EMC is Redefining Video Surveillance

EMC announced¬†the new VNX storage system VNX-VSS100¬†on 30th september, a system purposefully-built for Video Surveillance solutions. Integrated with Isilon, EMC delivers the edge to core solutions for larger surveillance infrastructures.   The challenges…

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Multicore FAST Cache, its FAST Cache++

A mid-range storage revolution, a new era started in September 2013, introduction of VNX-2 Multicore systems, brought many improvements in product features . With Multicore architecture below are the highlights of software/hardware improvements.   Here I am talking about one … Continue reading

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EMC VNX MirrorView configuration

This time I am discussing here about MirrorView Configuration. Not something new but I believe there are not many posts available on internet discussing the steps to configure MirrorView. MirrorView is the replication technology used between EMC CLARiiON and VNX … Continue reading

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Configuring storage projection notification for VNX file systems

Storage projection is always a worry for any storage admin. For the EMC Celerra/VNX file systems we have option for viewing the projection. In this post I am trying to explain the steps for enabling notification for this, a feature … Continue reading

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FAST Cache and Naviseccli

FAST (Fully Automated Storage tiering ) Cache as all you know is a new feature introduced with Clariion FALRE R30 and VNX systems, in which we are making use of high speed FLASH drives to be configured as cache. There … Continue reading

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