Time for a change – a new beginning

I am very pleased to announce that I have joined the Dell EMC’s Converged division today.

The converged division is one of the areas of toughest competition these days and it is very important for each vendor to deliver their best to remain in the competition. Dell EMC is the leader in converged systems sector with 43% share of the total market revenue as per the Q2 results from IDC. It will be very interesting to work with the leaders and will be equally challenging in the effort for continuous improvement.

In my previous roles, I was working closely with EMC as a partner and later as a customer.

The company has gone through the biggest transformation following the merger with Dell which was completed a few months ago. The merger announcement took the entire industry by surprise and remained a hot topic for many months. But all those concerns had no place as we have seen one of the smoothest mergers in IT. The company recently at the Dell EMC World, announced their new delivery model with Dell servers taking the compute part of their HCI systems. This will further accelerate the growth and will offer cost-efficiency for the customers.

Looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities with the new role. I would request all your prayers and support for me for my new assignment with Dell EMC Converged.

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  1. Yash Kalra says:

    My best wishes are always with you and will pray that you achieve all milestones in your
    Life that you wish.

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