Become a sponsor

As you may have observed already, I have been selling advertisement space in my website from some time now. I am expanding the sponsorship option also to a dedicated sponsor page for those who are interested.

To make things clear for the interested parties, I have formed some ‘terms and conditions’ as below.

  • I accept sponsoring via 200×200 sized advertisement banners, or via a short dedicated sponsor page.
  • This is my personal website and the views expressed here are mine. The sponsor will not have any control on the posts in this website, except for the sponsor page (the sponsor is free to let me know if there are concerns about the sponsor page content).
  • If the product/technology is a brand new one for me, I will try to spend some time for a recorded/live session or probably a demo so that I can have some idea about the technology/product.
  • We can have a discussion on the convenient sponsoring options and payment etc…

Sounds good ?

Please feel free to contact me for further discussion on becoming a sponsor.