EMC CloudArray, cloud storage to local SAN/NAS

CloudArray, a cloud-integrated storage solution from TwinStrata (a company acquired by EMC in 2014) enables the customers to cost-effectively utilize their public/private cloud storage. The solutions are available in both appliance-based and software-only varieties.


I recently got a chance to know CloudArray in detail. A quick view of the product in this post.

Public Cloud to SAN/NAS :  CloudArray supports integration with a list of public cloud providers including Amazon S3, Atmos, Cloudian, Google, HP, NFS, RackSpace etc… and more. Customers can have their space from public cloud and make it usable as local SAN devices or NAS shares with CloudArray. This enables the customers to make use of their existing cloud storage and reduce the expense for the additional storage hardware. Storage being from the cloud, is of unlimited scalability.

The cache for the CloudArray (for virtual edition) operations need to be configured with local disks. This improves the performance in operations by the reduced latency in access. The amount of cache recommendations varies with the various virtual appliances available.

With Release 5 :With the recent major release (release 5, in Jan 2015), CloudArray extended its support to cloud providers including EMC ViPR and ECS . There are improvements in hardware capabilities and also they have enhanced the User Interface. The current version available is 5.1.

CloudArray supports iSCSI (over 10G and 1G with the appliance-based systems), NFSv3, NFSv4, CIFS, SMB and SMB2 protocols. Configuring iSCSI SAN devices or the NAS shares/exports are very simple with CloudArray.

Try, for free : CloudArray free trial version (for 45 days) is available for qualified business end-users via the CloudArray website.


Once logged in to the website you can download the version of the virtual appliance of your choice. Software versions available are as shown in the image here (available for both VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V).

Install the software, configure with any of the supported cloud storage available with you, and happy testing..!

Additional Reading You may find more details of the product and offerings from the product website.

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