VMAX 3 – The all-new Enterprise Data Service Platform..! Part-I

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EMC today announced the next generation VMAX series – VMAX3, which is the all-new Enterprise Data Service Platform rather than a simple storage system. Lot many enhancements, new hardware/software features and more…



Enterprise Data Service Platform

The new generation VMAX system is not only an enterprise storage system, but an Enterprise Data Service Platform. With the existing Centralized/Self Service IT customers were finding it difficult to balance the 5 key things – Cost, Agility, Scale, Trust and IT control. With the VMAX3 systems, we can meet all these five fundamentals of running an IT environment.

From VMAX to VMAX3 

Comparing the previous generation of  VMAX systems and the all-new VMAX3 ?, differences are lot many. From the hardware architecture to the Operating Environment, which enables improved service levels, scalability, availability, better disaster discovery, 1-click service levels etc…



With the Dynamic Virtual Matrix, the new systems have multi processor scale-out architecture enhanced with dynamic resource allocation. A VMAX 400K system can have up to 384 CPU cores..! With the dynamic allocation of resources, we can allocate CPU resources any time. This can be done among the Front-End and Back-End or between applications.

If we see a Back-End Port being highly utilized, we may allocate more CPU cores to it. Here there is no dedicated CPU-Port binding as in earlier models.

New Operating System – The Hypermax Operating System – allows easier management through ViPR and Unisphere, Block, File and Cloud access from inside-the-box. It also integrates VPLEX for mobility, Recoverpoint for data protection, and Data Domain  for backup etc…

There are huge improvements in FAST storage tiering with VMAXsystems. It allows management of data tiering and gives us improved options for performance tuning for various type of applications.

Another interesting comparison is the VM support with the new generation and the earlier one.

VMAX 400K – 70,000 VMs                VMAX 40K – 24,000 VMs

VMAX 200K – 32,000 VMs                VMAX 20K – 16,000 VMs

VMAX 100K – 12,000 VMs                 VMAX 10K – 10,000 VMs

Really interesting, right ? We have more interesting features in the Hardware and EMC ProtectPoint in the Part-II

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  4. Srik says:

    Hello Vipin,
    small query.Does dynamic allocation of resources,I mean CPU allocation require admin(human) involvement or system takes care of it based on utilization.

    FYI:with my little knowledge on HDS ,I think Hitachi VSP already have this feature.

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