GB to/from Cylinders conversion ? Converters for you..

While working with EMC symcli , it is a challenge for the beginners, the storage administrators to convert the device size (GB/MB) to number of cylinders and vice-versa. VMAX and DMX volume operations are often performed with the device size in cylinders mentioned.

So here in this post I have put 2 converters to make these calculations easier.


The equations for performing these calculations are simple, as below. An excel sheet with the below formulas will help you to perform the calculations offline.

Size (GB) = No: of Cylinders x 15 x 128 x 512 /(1024 x 1024 x 1024)
No: of Cylinders = [ Size(GB) / (15 x 128 x 512 ) ] x 1024 x 1024 x 1024

Now here are the converters :

GB/MB to Cylinders/Tracks 



Cylinders to GB/MB/KB/Tracks


Hope this helped you. For working with symcli in offline mode, you may refer to this post.

Note : This converter is applicable for size calculation for VMAX and DMX (with enginuity 5771+ ) devices only.


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