VNX-VSS100 – EMC is Redefining Video Surveillance

EMC announced the new VNX storage system VNX-VSS100 on 30th september, a system purposefully-built for Video Surveillance solutions. Integrated with Isilon, EMC delivers the edge to core solutions for larger surveillance infrastructures.



The challenges…

Surveillance industry is fast growing, the growth rate is 2x IT market as per studies. Surveillance devices/systems are undergoing huge enhancements on daily basis. Use of conventional (non-optimized for surveillance systems, even-though they are the best considering other aspects) storage systems, will not help the customers to get the maximum out of the infrastructure and meet their requirements. With the increased number of cameras and the configuration of today’s camera systems, networked surveillance infrastructure etc… customers need to have a flexible surveillance storage  infrastructure in place.

EMC is redefining the surveillance storage with a flexible and affordable edge to core system for overcoming all these obstacles.

Edge to Core solution..

With a more distributed infrastructure, video surveillance needs an edge to core architecture – a hyper scale-able storage at the core and a high performance storage near to camera storage at the edge. EMC is redefining the video surveillance with the VNX-VSS at the edge and the enhanced Isilon system as the core storage. VNX-VSS system helps to support more number of cameras at the edge and to store high resolution videos. At the IP network core, Isilon scale-out NAS system – which can be scaled over 20PB – helps to have longer retention of the content and supports more number of cameras in network.


VNX-VSS100 is the block-only storage optimized for use as an edge storage ( near to the cameras) in distributed surveillance systems. It is designed to deliver high-performance block storage at affordable price. VSS100 is available with FC and iSCSI connectivity options.

VSS100 has been optimized for VMware and Microsoft virtualizations and been validated with leading video management providers.

You can read the specifications of VSS100 here.

ISILON – storage at the core

At the core, Isilon enables the customers to store huge amount of surveillance data. Isilon is a certified solution by leading surveillance vendors.

Customers can select from 3 preconfigured Isilon surveillance storage solutions.

  • Isilon X400 – 720 TB: supporting 250 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention
  • Isilon X400 – 1.4 PB: supporting 500 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention
  • Isilon X400 – 2.5 PB: supporting 1,000 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention

You may read more from the Ask The Experts session on ECN on Video surveillance storage and have your questions answered by experts till 27-Oct-2014.

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